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We believe that the written word holds a lot of positive power! Who doesn't love getting happy mail?! We make it our mission to ensure that thousands of people across the globe receive motivational and encouraging cards, and that starts with people just like you! We're a group of people who believe in validating others, even in such a simplistic way. We try to never underestimate the power that a kind word holds.


A Place for everyone 

Compassion Cards is primarily operated through our wonderful volunteers. We believe that everyone has something to share with the world, and regardless of our differences, we believe that we're all better when we work together! No matter who you are, where you are from, or what you believe, there's a place for you around our table.



Whether you love to write, have a knack for drawing, love to paint, have beautiful hand-writing, or you write in chicken scratch, there's an outlet here to let your creativity grow! We work with groups of all different mixes, and even the people who believe themselves to be least creative come up with some of the most beautiful things.