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The IRS requires us to file a 990-N form electronically, so long as our annual gross receipts total $50,000 or less. The document linked below highlights our profits and losses in FY-2018, as well as what we spent money on that year. The final page of this document includes our confirmation from the IRS that they received our 990-N filing, and that it was accepted.

2018 Financial Review

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2017 overvieW

Once again, in 2017, the IRS required that we file an electronic 990-N form to report our income. The document attached here includes our income statement of income v. expenses, what the expenses were, and our filing confirmation from the IRS. The filing confirmation shows that our 990-N for FY-2017 was accepted.

2017 Financial Review

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We officially became a nonprofit organization in 2016. Per the IRS’ filing requirements, our organization is required to file a 990-N form. The following document includes an income statement so you can see how much income we had in 2016, as well as where it was spent. It also includes our filing confirmation from the IRS, and that it was accepted.

2016 Financial Review

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