Our Story


our vision.

We exist to embrace + empower humanity through the art of written words.

How it all began.

Compassion Cards was founded in February of 2014 by Norfolk local, Jordie DiFernando. Her vision for this project was simply to share love and encouragement with the people around her.

What began with Jordie writing cards and taking them out on her own, quickly became a larger project than she could have imagined!

With a wonderful board of directors, and a vision of change, Jordie set out on the long trek of Compassion Cards becoming a legally recognized nonprofit organization. In June of 2016, Compassion Cards was officially deemed a corporation, and received 501 (c) (3) nonprofit recognition in October of the same year.

The Compassion Cards team now gathers regularly to write cards together and distribute them throughout our communities! In addition to delivering cards in our own area, we’ve delivered cards all around Virginia, as well as North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, South Carolina, Washington, D.C.,  Maine, Illinois, Washington state, California, Ohio, Arizona, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Costa Rica, Uganda, and Kenya! We have hopes of expanding this project even further!

We accept requests to mail cards to people, and we also leave cards in library books, on coffee shop tables, and in shelves at the store in hopes that someone who really needs encouragement will get it. We send cards to reassure the human race that people still care about each other and that everyone has a purpose.

We have been brought so much joy by working to bring joy to others, and we love it!

If you have questions, or would like to join us in this all-about-love movement, please send us an e-mail to info@compassioncards.org !