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Jordie is a local of Norfolk, Virginia, and has loved living by the coast all her life. Her journey with depression and anxiety is what paved the way for Compassion Cards to exist, and she is grateful to have had support along her journey. 

From a confused, hurting, and lost 21-year-old college drop out, to an honors graduate, Jordie has used her most broken pieces to build something beautiful through Compassion Cards.

Jordie holds her bachelor's degree in nonprofit leadership from Southern New Hampshire University, where she graduated, Cum Laude, in 2017, and is very passionate about working hard for the benefit of others. 

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Taryn Nunley | President

Taryn is such a bright-spirited leader, and we love having her on our team! She is a very gifted vocalist and actress, and she has a passion for advocating for marginalized people.

Taryn has been with Compassion Cards since 2015, and has served as President of the organization since fall of 2016. Taryn's life experiences have given her a unique window into the lives of others, and she knows well the need we all share for validation and empowerment.

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Gavin Harper | Vice President

Gavin earned his M.M.E. in Applied Conducting from Old Dominion University and his BA in Church Music and Vocal Performance from the University of Valley Forge, graduating Cum Laude. He has taught elementary music, college choir, and private music lessons. He has performed in Carnegie Hall with the ODU Concert Choir as well as toured Italy twice with the UVF Concert Choir. He is also active in his community as the section leader in the choir at his church, and participating in numerous musical productions in the area. He serves as Vice President for Compassion Cards and is grateful for the opportunity to spread hope and encouragement through the simplicity of a handwritten card.

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