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Compassion Cards is primarily operated by amazing volunteers, and there's room for you at our table! There are many different ways to become involved, and we can't wait to get you plugged in! Keep scrolling to see how you can get plugged in! 

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This is where the magic happens! Community events are free and open to the public, and we host them several times a year. We'd love for you to join us! It's at these events that the majority of our cards are designed, created, and compiled! 

As we're a mobile nonprofit, these events take place at all different locations! You can easily access event details through our Facebook page, or by sending an email to !

You're welcome to bring your friends or family to our events! All events are family-friendly, and everyone is welcome to join us in the work we do! 

Over the years, Compassion Cards has developed a community of it's own, and we're proud of the accepting + compassionate culture we've developed! We'd love to see you at a future event.

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Do you organize extra-curricular activities for a school, church, community center, or other place of business? Our private events are perfect! Flexible to any organization or business, our private events are a unique way of bringing philanthropy into any setting without making it about money. 

At our private events, you'll learn about the mission of Compassion Cards from one of our team members, and you'll also have the option to dig into the hands-on process of card creating! 

While donations are always accepted, we are happy to provide this service completely free! Our team will show up with sufficient supplies and lots of enthusiasm for your event! 

This type of event has a very flexible structure, and is perfect for any youth/church mission project, school outreach, university project, workplace volunteering, and so much more! If you're interested in booking a private event, send an inquiry to ! 

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Grab your charcuterie board and a bottle of wine! 

House parties, or as we like to call it - The Paper Trail - are perfect for an evening in with your friends! Invite your people over for a night of community-giving, laughter, and creativity! 

When you book a house-party, you'll receive a gift from us! A couple of our teammates will come over, give a quick spiel about our work, and then we'll invite you and your friends to participate in the creative process with us! 

You'll even get to choose [from a list of our partners] where your cards will go! And, special attention, party goers! If any of your guests book a party while at your party, they'll receive a gift as well! 

To book your Paper Trail Party, email us at !

Don't see what you're looking for? We'd be happy to discuss your ideas with you, and work something out! Fill out the inquiry form below to get the ball rolling! 

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